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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

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Using Facebook to Quickly Grow Your Email List

Recently I decided to build upon the skills I have been learning with using Facebook Ads and couple it with my knowledge of building an email list. Why not use Facebook to build an email list? I have been using giveaways to grow my email list. Building a list with a giveaway run through Facebook […]

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Responsive WordPress Themes TeslaThemes

Responsive WordPress Themes from

Responsive WordPress themes are extremely important to the success of your blog and giving your audience the content that they want to see. Years ago, everything was static on the internet — mainly back when pages were designed with pure HTML. Times were simply and people would visit your site through their main desktop computer. Now […]

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Google Authorship is Dead: What’s Missing and How to Fix It.

Google Authorship is Dead: What’s Missing and How to Fix It.

m4s0n501 Site owners across the globe blow their noses noisily as they discover the obituary here. And then they don their black clothes and head out. The year is 2014, and this is the funeral of Google Authorship.  Many put time and effort making sure that rel=”author” was laced throughout their website. Each content page […]

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Cake For Network Rebrands and Grows!

Home » Industry News, Specials Written by Pace LattinOctober 3, 2014 # 10:18 am # Industry News, Specials # No Comments New Release Raises the Bar for Enterprise Performance-based Marketing Technology Newport Beach, Calif. – September 29, 2014 – CAKE, the digital marketing software division of Accelerize (OTCQB: ACLZ) (OTCBB: ACLZ), today announced the next evolution […]

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What Makes Someone a Super Affiliate?

16 Flares Twitter 10 Facebook 6 16 Flares × x Inside I share: How to BOOST your landing page speed Where to hire the best virtual assistants (without spending too much) The tracking software & webhost I use to generate $xx,xxx profit a day campaigns. & much more source

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Start Me Up! Acquire: starting a new affiliate business

In our regular Start Me Up feature we rarely feature new agency-side ventures. However, with Acquire we’re making an exception and that’s because the affiliate management company’s co-founder is Tom Wright, 2013 winner of The Digitals Rising Star award. We caught up with the co-founders to ask what it’s like to start your own affiliate […]

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FeedFront Magazine Issue 28 is Now Available

The 28th issue of FeedFront is headed to the printer and copies will be going out to approximately 43,000 subscribers in early October. Issue 27 of FeedFront will also be distributed at ShareASale ThinkTank in October and State of Search in November. This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes 3 Business Benefits for Mediocre Athletes by […]

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Google, Affiliates, and Two Facets of Value

Sep 18 Google, Affiliates, and Two Facets of Value [embedded content] [embedded content] Google has had a love–hate relationship with affiliates since the dawn of affiliate marketing [some of which is reflected in/on this SEObook's infographic on how Google views affiliate marketers]. Just a few months ago (on January 27, 2014 to be exact) that they put something […]

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